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Here's why we are  different

High Quality Leads
Our leads are better qualified and have more detail. You get more information to decide if you want to accept or reject each lead.
Lower Costs
Our leads are 20% the average cost of others to accept. No more paying high upfront costs for bad leads.
Fair Pricing
We only charge you the bulk of the fee if you win the job. That's fair for you and fair for us.
Our state of the art tech platform is fast and operates with both email and SMS. Never miss a lead, wherever you are, at your desk or on the site.
No Lock-in Contracts
There's no contractual obligation and no minimum spend requirements. Nothing to lose.
24/7 Premium Support
Talk to a real person. A builder like you, who understands your language. Not someone in a call centre overseas.

How itworks

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Receive Leads
We will send you leads by email and text. Just click "accept" to take the lead and get full contact details. If you accept we charge you a flat $7.50
Win The Job
If you win the job, and only if you win the job, we will charge you another $50 for the lead. If you don't win the job then there's no further fees. 

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About Us

Hi, we’re 5to50 Builders and We Love Small Building Jobs! When a licensed builder gets together with a software developer you get the best of brawn and brains. We looked at the job leads market for builders and saw three things that were obvious:

     1. It’s expensive
     2. It’s not fair
     3. There's no focus.

So first we developed a way that is smarter, fairer and more honest for licensed builder to get great leads for small building jobs. We are a combination of trade experience and software talent that doesn't feel the need to charge the earth. Second, we are very focused. Our leads are for licensed builders who want to do small building jobs.

Why small building jobs? That’s simple too. Small building jobs are:

     • Less risky with lower insurance
     • Easier to quote
     • Often no third parties involved (architects / building designers)
     • And can be way more profitable. We call it the 4R’s = Reduce your Risks and Raise your Returns.

5to50 Builders is about a network of builders helping fellow builders, using the latest software, to deliver higher quality, inexpensive leads, without the BS.

Let’s do this together!